Continuing to write about leaving (7)
Radical cure? OK - get Angelheaded Hipster (7)
Meathead in relationship failure could explode at any moment (4,4)
11 Wealth corrupts police (3,3)
12 Space: The Final Frontier is ... near the centre of Toowoomba? (4)
14 Irate vegan becomes less so? (10)
15 & 21-across Heroic striving out of bugle range (6,3,4,2,4)
18 What governs man? Peril at End House? (10)
21 See 15-across
22 Back to Godhead mating season without alchohol (6)
23 Big Ben, or Mousetrap? (8)
25 Half starve around lots of wreckage (7)
26 Unnamed African country left Somalian to sod off (2-3-2)

Cure against care (8)
Heartless astronomer on a golf course (4)
Implicated in very peculiar love note (8)
Eastern texts intoxicate six musicians (6)
Part of human anatomy ... eventually (6)
Six balls lured psycho, but verdict not allowed (9)
10 Head honcho of tourist attraction in dairy area (3,6)
13 What poets love is to work a second job (9)
16 Figure out the meaning of wearing denim? (6,2)
17 Lancaster takes a second after openly gay display of temper (8)
19 Greek god manned spacecraft (6)
20 Sacrificial altars of the stars (6)
24 Just over half the minimum skirt (4)


Another one? Try the rock 'n' roll one or the enticing fourth one. Or even, for the last word in frustration, the fifth one. There's also the first one.

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