King of tunnel vision itself? (5)
Blockhead will endure 11-across (5)
Pops caught out by the sound of love (3)
"Lettuce say nothing," said comedian (8)
10 Listen to the ocean after opening New Idea (6)
11 Rats plug country (9)
12 Twitch point: gutless pacifism? (5)
14 Klinger, I exchanged some underwear (8)
16 You left Leunig wandering around a London studio? (6)
17 "Extremely amusing," laughs head teacher, shocked (6)
18 Pointy L.A. hairstyle? (8)
19 A synopsis short (5)
20 Married to the King of the Dessert? (9)
23 The last boyfriend would cheat around? Separate (6)
24 Difficult weirdo facing exit, if leaving (8)
25 Express a mixture of gases (3)
26 Clump of dirt and Hindu prayer destroyed Biblical city ... (5)
27 ... and Biblical vengeance left in tucker (5)

Romantic language hits the nail around the head (5)
I will repeat without letters (10)
We go out of bounds for fallen entrepreneur (4)
Selfguided car initially prompted Iacocca's Logic of Traffic (9)
M = L + dressing (8,6)
Cane toads bring ruin to urban havens (7,7)
1-across' manager sounds like a nut in a raincoat (7,6)
13 Source of much childhood joy - and foolhardy nails bent left (6,4)
15 Fancy lace in $1000 home of 1-across (9)
21 Casually acquaint in inconclusive ancient battle (5)
22 I'm fake ... (4)


Well, at one point this was the last of a series of four. It's now the second last of a series of five.
The first one is here, the second one is here, and the rock 'n' roll one is here. The fifth one lurks here.

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