Across (12)
The First Stone ridicules aprons (6)
10 Detain engineer in politically correct nitpicking (8)
11 Man, love at first sight was a medieval invention (5)
12 What kind of man is inside a gutless wonder? (9)
14 Increase audience reaction to mouse (3)
16 Hop about to chart variable art form (11)
18 Devil tarts up The Last Picture Show (11)
20 Admit love of Wagnerian extremes (3)
23 & 24 Hunted to extinction, its manana may have been lived backwards (9,5)
27 Sends to rest Hollywood's remake of Potts (4,4)
28 Biting a bunch of Romans (6)
29 A portly, rough handled farming tool (6,6)

Timepiece: totem pole? (5)
Arouse former cheerleader with bow tie (6)
Depraved support centre (4)
Hip hop left understanding for others (7)
Winds up game (10)
He led his army north, near Italy's beautiful alpine lakes (8)
Teams with Dr Who at the circus (8)
11 One of the Three Stooges in Gippsland (3)
13 Gradually replacing monkeys in tough sap (7,3)
15 Maintain a fashion warning (4,4)
17 Long suffering traveller blasts off curt memo (8)
19 Centrespread routine or nuclear device? (7)
21 Juveniles part with nothing (3)
22 Actor rode in brilliantly (2,4)
25 Hothead leaves Chinese book of divination on a cake (5)
26 The French Mr Potatohead can be turned on (4)


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