Keef threw chair at Irish stadium (8)
Batman's enemy would jerk off without love (5)
Country song by the Manic Street Preachers (9)
10 Lou Reed's junking of our city (5)
11 Member of Parliament in Oasis (4)
12 Big apple tree follows W.C. Singer (6,4)
14 Counting takes note of mobs (6)
15 American author of God of Thunder bearing gold (7)
18 The first Doors album without the last song goes on & on & on (7)
20 Xena, M.A, slugs heavy metal guitarist (6)
22 Chilli Peppers' mistaking what Agatha Christie loved? (3,7)
24 & 23-down Edge raked up acoustic guitarist (4,5)
26 Old hat starts singing Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes (5)
27 Ten dream wildly about Last Tango in Paris (5,4)
28 Kevin beheads chickens (5)
29 Election amongst Snider's fans (8)

Without a doubt, Leary left in a mess (6)
Co-ed takes Ringo as Mia did with Woody (9)
Kinky 70s hairstyle in the middle of the seafront (4)
Huge servings of glam New Yorkers' work? (7)
Which Pink Floyd member is happy on a pirate ship? (5,5)
South African music featured in every second Ska Weekly ad (5)
Geddy Lee's time on the radio means lots of traffic (4,4)
Incapable German band with no time (6)
13 70s bubblegum band sneer absurdly at inducements (10)
16 Erect Aida set? Wipe out (9)
17 Rerelease breaks an austere Springsteen album (8)
19 Does the guy who wrote Roxanne have the right to equip guitar? (6)
20 Benning evicts tenant on Ecstasy (7)
21 Wintersport types put Radiohead into the heavens (6)
23 See 24-across
25 Suze Rotolo has nothing (4)


Note: Most of these clues have something to do with
the world of rock and roll. Just if that helps ...

Another one? Well then: the fourth one is here and the fifth one is here.
But there are only five, at least for the time being. The first one is way back here and the second one generally lives in this neck of the woods.

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