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January 7, 2002
A comprehensive, all-inclusive lack of fame

People often ask me "do you really know Christine de Matos?"

And I have to say that, in all honesty, I do. We're in frequent contact, despite the fact that she lives in Sydney and I don't. I'm one of a small number of people who are proud to call her "The Lion Princess." She's just emailed me from Adelaide to report of the free ego trip that Google has generously provided her with. This is code for "enter my name on Google and look at all the hits! I'm famous! I'm famous!"

I'll show her, I thought, and entered my name on Google.

Self-esteem, you may plummet now.

To be honest, it's all been a little on the disappointing side. I've realised that I'm not famous at all, but several of my evil twins are.

So, just to clear up any possible misunderstandings, I'm not the Sean Hegarty who's wanted by British police for hijacking, theft and "offences against the person." Nor am I the Sean Hegarty who is a proud member of The Scotstown Club in Ireland. And I'm definitely not the Sean Hegarty who plays soccer for Barcelona, in the Under 7 age category.

No, I'm the Sean Hegarty who is less famous than all these people put together.

And proud of it, too.

The Lion Princess, part 2

Later, Christine clarifies her Google related excitement: what she was really pleased about was her discovery that one of her articles has been translated into Croatian. For all I know, she's a household name in Croatia. Crazier things have happened, especially in Croatia.

This seems an ideal moment to announce that one of my long term ambitions is to have a couple of my songs translated into Latin. Sure, I'm going to need to finish a couple of songs first, but I'm working on that.

     Posted by Sean Hegarty at 08:58 PM in the People category | Comments (0)
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