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May 4, 2002
An anniversary of sorts

Went to La Mama last night to see a play called "Paradise." It'd been years since I last saw a show there, and I'd forgotten just how tiny the space is. There were two rows of chairs on both sides of the room, which meant that both halves of the audience had a great view of each other.

This arrangement gave me the opportunity to study the twenty two people opposite me, and to make outrageous guesses about their relationships to each other. Another slightly interesting feature of the evening was the temperature of the theatre. It was toasty warm in there, so at least I managed to catch up on some sleep.

The play was quite good: not too loud.


Reading Why Do Buses Come In Threes?: The Hidden Mathematics of Everyday Life. The first chapter was about Fibonacci sequences. At least, I think it was. The room where I was reading was toasty warm.


Took a break this morning from tidying up my room to go and teach drama. A few months ago the name of my class had to be changed, because its original title was deemed unsuitable. See if you can spot why: it used to be called "Exploring 14 to 17 Year Olds." I suggested that we call it "Lots of Running Around and Yelling," but the powers that be didn't like that either. As a compromise I suggested "Movement and Voice," but they saw through it.


I've now been living in the same house for exactly one year, which is the longest I've ever stayed in one place since childhood. I'm either acquiring a new found maturity, or I'm running out of puff.

     Posted by Sean Hegarty at 11:53 PM in the Boring old news category | Comments (0)
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