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March 22, 2002
The new wonder drug: fatigue

Blogs have been few and far apart for the last few weeks. I blame the silly professional skills stuff that I've been teaching. Most of the classes I've got tend to go for four hours, which is a long time to teach one lesson. At the end of each class I have to get the students to fill in a questionnaire, and 90% of the responses are along the lines of "classes go for too long." I'd put the accuracy of these responses at 100%, if only because I really struggle to find enough energy to do anything else afterwards.

At least the big exciting lesson is coming up this week: I get to film my students making presentations. This tends to be very time-consuming, but also a lot of fun. It's a good experience to guide a group of people from fear to excitement, unless I forget about the excitement bit and just leave them experiencing fear. Then it's exciting, but only for me. I also have a general notion that time is never wasted if there's a video camera or tape recorder running nearby.

Tommorow I've got my last drama class for a few weeks, and then immediately afterwards I'm driving to Bright, in NE Victoria. The next day I'll be climbing Mt. Feathertop, and then driving back to Melbourne that night, and starting six hours of teaching at 11am the next day. The Feathertop walk is at least 22 kilometres, and they're reasonably arduous kilometres. I'm planning on being even more tired very, very soon.

I'm trying to remember when I last did a really substantial walk in the mountains, and I think it may have been in India, when I was staying in Dharamsala. Gulp. That was three years ago.

     Posted by Sean Hegarty at 10:35 PM in the Educational category | Comments (0)
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